who we are

Children are active learners, acquiring knowledge and learning through their daily experiences at home and in the classroom. Each child is an individual, with unique strengths, interests, personality, and approach to learning. The environment is sensitive to the child’s individual needs. 

Our center focuses on providing an environment that promotes learning through play. Throughout our day, we offer many opportunities for child-initiated as well as teacher-directed activities. Our program offers a healthy balance of freedom to encourage individual growth as well as structure to promote cognitive skills. Your child’s materials and activities are carefully chosen and planned by early childhood professionals with an educational and developmental purpose in mind. 

Toddler and Twos

Toddlers are beginning to get a sense of independence, first words, first steps and first friendships. Through praise and affection teachers will focus on building confidence and self-esteem. 


Preschool is an exciting time for children; they discover a newfound independence. Language, vocabulary and problem solving skills are growing rapidly.


Our pre-kindergarten program focuses on the developmental skills needed to succeed in kindergarten. Pre-kindergarten teachers plan schedules and routines that will help prepare your child to transition to kindergarten with ease. 

kindergarten and school age

Your child’s interests will shape what we decide to explore, and at the same time they will be developing skills that will continue to create a solid foundation for learning and growth.