Our Fours and Fives program focuses on the development skills needed to succeed in Kindergarten. Our teachers plan schedules and routines that will help prepare your child to transition to Kindergarten with ease. Everyday your child will have the opportunity to actively participate in group time and practice teamwork.

They will choose daily classroom tasks and share responsibilities with their classmates. Through group time routines, children will learn social and verbal interaction skills as well as build vocabulary. Children will practice identifying numbers and letters as well as phonemic awareness. Weather, calendar, and current events are just some of the items discussed during group time.

Children will practice math skills through counting, comparing, patterning, sequencing and graphing. The children will continue to have a healthy balance of teacher-directed activities as well as child-initiated center times.

Attention span of the four and five year old begins to increase; therefore, our teachers will be focusing on daily directed lessons with an emphasis on writing, math, art, science, or social development. They will continue to have plenty of opportunities to promote healthy physical activity through music and movement, exercise, and outdoor play.