Along with our regular before and after school hours, A Stepping Stone for Kids offers child care for when your child’s school is on break, half days, and some holidays.

In addition, transportation is provided from District 79 and 118 to and from our location. Materials available to your child in the before and after hours of school are:

  • Child-inititated or teacher-directed activities
  • Outdoor time to encourage active play
  • Explorative activities independently or as a group
  • Provide materials based on your child’s interests
  • Time available for homework as well as assistance

Our before and after school care program encourages your child to express themselves, improve and develop upon their skills, improve their study skills, and explore their interests with the guidance of our teachers. A Stepping Stone for Kids understands your child’s emotional, educational, and physical developments are key factors to their future success. Every aspect of your child’s well-being is an important part of our program.