Your child’s day is filled with a wide variety of fun and supervised activities that offer a balance of playtime and learning time, including:

  • Group activities such as singing songs or reading that increase your child’s social skills.
  • Playing musical instruments, painting, drawing, coloring, and other creative activities.
  • Supervised outdoor play to build motor skills and encourage active play.
  • Rest time to fuel brain activity.
  • Interactive mealtime to foster your child’s social and communication skills.

It is important that a toddler is challenged with many different activities throughout the day to stimulate their brain along with creating a desire to learn more.

Our classroom is a safe environment that provides space for learning and explorative play. Our Toddler/Twos program increases and supports your child’s learning, motor skills (fine and large), and developing social skills under the caring guidance of our experienced teachers. Your child will enjoy group time experiences as well as sensory experiences, while also being introduced to shapes and colors.

Our Center focuses on providing an environment that promotes learning through play. Throughout your child’s day, we offer many opportunities for child-initiated as well as teacher-directed activities.